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Daniel Blacktin was born on January 2nd in the year 1993. As a child, he spent his years hanging out with the friends he made at school and playing basketball at recess. At the age of 11, while on an impromptu visit to a Target store, he set his eyes on a copy of 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' album and convinced his parents to purchase it for him. It was at this point that Daniel was compelled to be a hip-hop recording artist. Daniel was a troublesome teenager in middle school and eventually found himself to become a cadet at St. John's Military School where he would attend for 2 years. Upon his return home, being a freshman in high school, Daniel invested in recording equipment he would then use to make music under the alias of D. Prince. During that period, 4 mixtapes and 1 album had been produced. Daniel had been forced to go on hiatus for a period of time after being evicted from his home and having to live in a motel with his mother with no access to any music equipment. In the year 2014, Daniel Blacktin had decided to make music under his own name due to the originality of it. In 2015, Daniel released a free project titled The Legend of The Rapper Slayer which was distributed via BandCamp. Daniel Blacktin has since been releasing singles and recently released his debut album, The Book of Daniel available on all streaming platforms.

Daniel Blacktin is an ASCAP Songwriter available 24/7 to bring his talents to any record.


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